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The Grading and Permits Section of the Land Development Division was established in 1982 to administer the newly adopted Grading and Watercourse Protection ordinances. These two ordinances assure that construction projects are designed to control erosion and the resulting sedimentation of the County stormdrain system, including the flood control facilities of the County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. At the same time, Grading and Permits took on the responsibility for reviewing applications and issuing encroachment and access permits under the County Roadway and District Flood Control ordinances. In 1992, the Section added review and permitting functions under the Floodplain Management and Stormwater Discharge ordinances, and more recently took on the same responsibilities for the Parking Permits ordinances.

In addition to the review and permit issuance functions, Grading and Permits also collects the fees required under the County Cumulative Traffic Impact Mitigation (CTIM) ordinance, the Zone 7 Water Agency Development Impact Fee (DIF), and the Tri-Valley Transportation Council (TVTC).

Section staff members review other applications, including referrals from the Agency Building Inspection Division and from the Planning and Zoning Departments of the County Community Development Agency, in order to assure compliance with these various ordinances. These reviews also cover the mitigation of floodplain, seismic, and earthquake fault hazards.

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