About Alameda County Permit Portal

Alameda County's agencies have teamed up to provide a one-stop for locating permits.

With this portal, we've made our permits more accessible by allowing you to search based on your address, your needs, or to browse various permits based on category.

Story Behind the Permit Portal

The Permit Portal results from a concerted long-term effort by Alameda County to find innovative new ways to deliver traditional government services that enhance access and efficiency. From a growing suite of mobile apps and online resources, to community “hackathons’’ that leverage residents’ best ideas for improving local services – the new Permit Portal is the latest in the County’s arsenal of tools to ease residents’ interactions with government, improve public participation, and enhance the quality of life.

The Permit Portal also is the first new tool to result from Alameda County’s groundbreaking partnership with technology-giant Google through the company’s Government Innovation Labs project earlier this year. The project was designed to bring to government the same “moonshot’’ thinking that Google brings to its constant search for new innovations – from high-altitude Wi-Fi balloons to driverless cars – that just might change the way we live.

Google developers who assisted in the six-week partnership with Alameda County found the portal to be exactly the type of “10X’’ idea that government agencies should be pursuing to enhance services in the Technology Age.

Over the past several months, the County’s Information Technology Department worked with a multitude of local agencies to build the new Permit Portal – with an eye on eliminating the confusion that often accompanies major projects such as building new swimming pools and home additions, or expanding a business.

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Using the Permit Portal

On the home page, use one of the following methods to locate permits.


Enter your address into the box or a keyword related to your permit. Our permit portal will locate the permits most applicable to your project or property.


Navigate through different categories to locate the permit most relevant to your needs. Enter your address to confirm if this permit is avaialable at your address.

About the Permit Process

Under Popular permits you can find the workflow and necesssary information related to the permit.

Permit Status

For a given property address the system will show status of necessary licences and permits issued on a property.